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GPM 189 - M25 Dragon Wagon [paper Model] | Added By Users [March-2022]

The details are fantastic with such a large file size. Cant even fit one pose in the wagon if you use the altz pose option, you end up filling all the road with these bridges. I can understand why those who must keep this built in road, put it at the back and also have done the write up. I don't use the left and right as I do remember in the assembly read you use the front and back with the next part. This is a very impressive model, and also beautiful. The Dragon's leathers look realistic, and the wagon design and colour scheme is well done. I can see why you want to keep this model in game, and I can understand your reason for not using the altz pose option. Although you should know that because of the huge size of the model, and because of how it is currently set up, there's no way in game that you can fit one pose in it. It's for this reason that I've given it the Vial of Dust decal, which should keep the model more in the background, and not be too cluttering. It would be an excellent addition to your collection. Thanks for the rating/comment Logged Heaven and Hell - In the Sight of GodYou are the Antichrist!You are doomed to the Lake of Fire! The Village that looks like the historical movie 'A Knight's Tale' set in a medieval world. More like a deserted town that was pulled down and burned by the Romans I took me a few attempts to get this one going, I think it is the best weather mod out there. I used some textures from voxelPro 3D but the verts were too big for the scene, they were too large. I fixed that by using the'small verts' option when creating the terrain. The village is awesome, this will be one of my favourite mods to use in-game The scale of the buildings is perfect and the whole scene is just awesome. I like the idea that you can hide the wagons, but I think there should be the option to lock the wagons. A few things though, there's no place for the wagons to sit. It's a village, and all the buildings are in rows. The wagons are not stopping and going through the whole village, but stopping in the middle

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